Time to change your Car With BMW X-789 HP-3000

The maximum output is 280ps, but the maximum torque reaches 40kgm, which is 2.5kgm plus compared to BCNR33. In the full model change from the blockbuster BNR32 to the predecessor BCNR33, we received feedback on the increase in body size and weight, and the BNR34 was slimmed down.
Compared to BCNR33, the total length is 75 mm and the wheelbase is 55 mm shorter, and at the same time, the overall width is expanded by 5 mm to improve exercise performance.
The engine is the traditional RB26DETT, but one of the features is that the turbine shaft support has been changed from a metal type to a ball bearing type.
This is an improvement to improve the response, and at the same time, the boost pressure is raised and the ECU is optimized.
The maximum output is 280ps, but the maximum torque reaches 40kgm, which is 2.5kgm plus compared to BCNR33.
For the powertrain, the transmission has been changed from Nissan’s in-house 5-speed MT to Getrag’s 6-speed, and the brakes are equipped with Brembo calipers (F: 4pot / R: 2pot) as standard equipment.
In addition, the V spec uses Atesa E-TS PRO, which includes an active LSD that actively limits the operation of the left and right rear wheels depending on the situation.
After that, the V Spec II, which appeared in a minor change in 2000, was equipped with a carbon bonnet with an NACA duct.
By reducing the amount of front shaft, it contributed to the reduction of understeer.
In 2001, the M spec, which pursued comfort as a GT that overturned the conventional GT-R image, appeared.
Such BNR34 was also forced to discontinue production in 2002 due to difficulty in complying with exhaust gas regulations, but as the final edition, limited to 1000 units for V spec II and M spec (initially announced with a production schedule of 500 units) However, it was “Nur” that was later sold at the request of customers (increased production).
Based on the reinforced block, the engine is balanced in each part, equipped with the N1 engine incorporating a turbine made of metal blades, and the adoption of a dedicated 300km / h full-scale speedometer, which can be said to be the endless beauty of the 2nd generation GT-R. It is a model that boasts content.

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