TOYOTA PRIUS still the best Hybrid car? The best time to Purchase.

This car has an output power rating of about 121 horsepower. In addition to that, it has a 4-cylinder, 1.8-litre, and synchronous motor (with a permanent magnet). The torque rating of this car is 105 lb-ft. This synchronous motor induces the power from a 1.3-kWh lithium-ion battery. The Toyota Prius offers a front-wheel-drive and weighs about 3,075 pounds. This Prius model can accelerate up to 60 within 9.8 seconds.

This 5-seater hatchback has a Continuously Variable Automatic (P112) type of transmission. The hybrid powertrain of the Toyota Prius cannot deliver thrilling, exciting, or even diverting acceleration. Its performance is somewhat unacceptable as many competitors think that the manufacturers sacrificed it chasing the mind-blowing fuel economy.

Fuel Economy

According to the EPA, the 2021 Toyota Prius shows the thriftiest fuel economy – 53 mpg on the highway and 58 mpg in the city. The other front-drive models of Toyota Prius have a city rating of 54 mpg and a highway rating of 50 mpg. On the other hand, the all-wheel-drive versions of the Toyota Prius have a city rating of 52 mpg and a highway rating of 48 mpg. EPA has confirmed all these ratings of fuel economy.

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