• Every car is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If many customers are interested in the same vehicle, it will be sold to the first one to make payment..
  • If a payment is received late and the car is sold to another client, we will offer you with a vehicle that is identical in size and characteristics.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a vehicle. Under 18s can buy a car through their parents.
  • The majority of the automobiles in our inventory are used, thus a certain tolerance for the overall state of the vehicle must be taken into consideration.
  • All new vehicles eligible for export from Japan, United Kingdom, Mozambique, South Africa Durban, Zambia and Thailand must go through the legal deregistration process. After that, it may be a used car on paper, but it will be treated as a new car.
  • Vehicles sold with the phrase “AS IS, WHERE IT IS BASIS” are sold as is and do not include an overhaul on the bill of sale.
  • If vehicle options/accessories are not listed in the vehicle specifications/additional features on the website, Tokyo Cars Club is not responsible for their functionality and/or condition because it may not work properly.
  • Terms and conditions of sale comply with Japanese, United Kingdom, Mozambique, Durban, Zambia, and Thailand laws and automobile export/trading rules and regulations. Therefore, the enforcement, validity, interpretation, and execution of these General Terms and Conditions shall be solely subject to the laws, rules, and regulations above-mentioned countries regarding the export/trading of motor vehicles.
  • In the event of a dispute between a purchaser and us relating to the Service and/or any contract entered into through the Service, the parties concerned shall attempt to resolve such dispute through dialogue in the most honest manner. You agree to do so.
  • If the dispute cannot be resolved through dialogue between the parties, the Saitama District Court shall have the initial and exclusive jurisdiction to resolve the dispute.
  • Certain discounts apply to bulk purchases. The percentage depends on the number of units purchased. The more units you buy, the higher the discount.
  • Tokyo Cars Club. We are not responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle during and/or after arrival at the port of destination.
  • All payments must be made into a bank account.
  • Vehicles will not be shipped until full payment has been received and the balance cleared prior to shipping. Note: We do not refund payments based on customer complaints or demands. However, 20% of the FOB amount will be deducted for service and bank charges in the event that a refund is justified.
  • Once payment has been received, the following documents required for customs clearance of the vehicle at the destination port will be sent by post or courier after the ship has been dispatched.
    1. B/L (Bill of Loading)
    2. Invoice.
    3. Export Certification
    4. Other required documents in your local custom.
  • We need to verify the name and address of the buyer and recipient, so please email or fax to ensure all shipping documents are properly prepared before shipment.
  • Any user or visitor requesting a vehicle/tractor/machine from our website, our live chat support system, our phone, categorized third party portals and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. will receive regular news. Automatically included in the letter subscription list. Added. Visitors/users can unsubscribe from the subscription list by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter.
  • A customer contract will only proceed with a minimum deposit of $1000 for vehicles FOB up to $10,000 and 20% of the FOB amount for vehicles FOB greater than $10,000.
  • Once the vehicle is available, the required payment for transportation (i.e. 50% or 100%) must be made within 7 days of vehicle purchase. Lateness will be penalized.
  • If the shipment is 50%, the remaining 50% should be completed within 7 days of BL copy. In case of delay, a penalty will be charged.
  • If payment is made in a currency other than USD, you are responsible for any exchange rate differences.
  • The consignee shall bear all the Bank Charges and expenses. USD 25 to be deposited on top of the invoice amount for bank service charges in Japan.
  • You will have to cover the transfer charges If you purchase vehicles through Paypal.
  • Tokyo Cars Club company reserves the right to update the `Terms & Conditions` at any time without prior notice.