The all new Lexus 2022 is finally going to be hitting the roads of Japan in the early days of the 2022. The excellent 2nd generation SUV is designed to meet the luxury needs of our customers and also to enhance the consumer diversity that we have. This SUV is basically the second model of the next generation of Lexus which was first debuted by premiering its world premiere within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE respectively as of 14th Oct, 2021 whereas the debuting video is also available online.

The Lexus flagship SUV is manufactured with burst of technology and features for the pursuit of luxury driving experience by means of following the motto of ‘ease and quality on any road in the world’. The VIP or executive grade of the vehicle which caters to the luxury independent four seats depicting a diverse yet luxurious experience for customer satisfaction and value for money.

Firstly the Lexus brand originated in 1989 and ever since then it has been the originator and developer of enhanced technology by grading its models to the existing demands and features of technology for a more individual yet luxe experience. In 1996, the LX SUV has been able to feature itself as the flagship SUV of LX because of characteristic features such as rough-road driving performance, reliability and durability. The SUV of LX is designed in such a way that it can withstand any of the climatic and off road conditions.

Buying a new deluxe Lexus 600 SUV is simply synonyms of buying executive luxury for enriching the life experience as well as giving exceptional comfort for our satisfied customers. The basic body of frame is persistent within this model however the adoption of new GA-F platform is something what is much anticipated in the all new LX whereas maintaining as always a very rigid body as well as reducing the overall body weight of about 200 kg. Moreover, the new LX SUV will also be featuring high-torque 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine depicting a higher output yet a higher performance as well.

The ECB and EPS are also come of the adopted features which further more contribute to a unique driving experience that has been experienced never before as yet. Subsequently, 2 new powertrains are also adopted in order to reduce the overall emission of CO2.

The dashboard is deliciously beautiful and is full of features such as 12.3-inch upper screen and 7-inch lower screen along with Back Underfloor View which is responsible for displaying the rear part of the vehicle first. The LX 600 SUV is also featured with the new EXECUTIVE grade to drive both comfortably and independently with a safe nature along with an OFF ROAD grade which is strictly dedicated to market of Japan.

In order to reduce the risk of theft, the new SUV is incorporated with the finger print smart start switch.

Enhanced features
The addition of Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control are certain features that has been able to contribute to effortless and smooth driving experience by supporting off road driving as well as rough road driving. Furthermore, the 2,850-mm wheelbase is consecutive since the inceptor models because it is capable of provision of huge interior space as well as rough-road driving.

THE AHC suspension, which is a remarkable and much enhanced feature, is responsible for maintaining the height of the vehicle as per the driving environment.

The presence of 22-inch tires, which are definitely the largest in the lineup of Lexus SUVs, has only been enhanced in order to improve the overall on road driving experience.

The AVS system is basically a linear solenoid valve system which can be set to low and enjoy the intra city drive with frequent bumps while riding smoothly whereas it can be set to high for highways and curvature roads.

Suspension system
The suspension system within the Lexus 600 has been upgraded and is the most advanced in its lineup. Furthermore, the suspension geometry and spring constant of the coil springs is optimized perfectly to aid ride comfort and also stability of the vehicle. The rear shock absorber is positioned at such a place so that it can follow the vertical movement of the wheels which in turn augments the overall damping effect thereby absorbing the vibrations and shocks for the provision of excellent vehicle stability.

3.5L turbo petrol engine The all new Lexus LX-600 has a robust 3.5L petrol twin turbo engine (V35A-FTS) which is capable of delivering maximum power of about 415 PS while delivering total torque of 650 Nm. The usage of D-4ST i.e. direct injection 4 stroke gasoline injection which in turbo mode is basically the superior version. This injection is direct and make use of longer stroke in combination with turbo twin charges and maximum combustion ratio which is suffice for the robust road drive and immense boost response. The fuel economy of this engine is also said to be pretty much commendable. The supercharged performance is delivered via means of multiple nozzles of twin turbo chargers. The twin turbo chargers generally intake large volumes thereby capable of delivering smooth acceleration at comparative speeds.

This engine is also capable of adopting a 10-speed transmission rate in order to deliver a more precise yet diverse driving experience. Generally, with off-road performance and starting acceleration the high speed fuel efficiency is not only enhanced but also improved as well. In addition to this, the gasoline engine features more precise yet optimized gear shift timing as well. The extended torque in case of gasoline engine is drawn out whereas the petrol engine cater to the torque characteristics by means of raising the low rpm range to a higher one for better oriented acceleration results.