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1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS

1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS 1994 Foden 8×6 DROPS
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Vehicle Overview

Technical Specifications

The Foden 8x6 DROPS (Demountable Rack Off Pickup System) is a logistical support vehicle designed for the flexible delivery of a range of cargoes in arduous conditions.

The vehicle features the Multi-Lift Mk4 Load Handling system, which is capable of uplifting 15,000kg of cargo on purpose-built flat racks and able to switch between, lift, tip, and slide configuration with 3rd service connections for additional hydraulic powered equipment.

Using the appropriate Flat Rack, these vehicles are able to lift, transport, and deploy a 20ft ISO container.

The 8 × 6 IMMLC vehicles use a 10-ton capacity forward steering drive axle, a second steer axle also of 10-ton capacity, and 20-ton double drive rear bogies, all manufactured by GKN. 

Engine: Perkins 350MX Eagle 12.7litre Straight 6 Turbo Diesel, 350bhp

Gearbox: Automatic ZF 6 HP 600 – Ecomat 6 forward 1 reverse gear with lockable torque converter.

Steering: Left Hand Drive Power-assisted.

Suspension: Semi Elliptic 3 leaf springs with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, double-acting on both front axles only.

Tyres: 20.5 x 25R Michelin


Main – Air, dual-line dual circuit.

Parking – Spring brake actuator.

6-wheel drive with cross diff and inter-axle diff locks.

GKN hub reduction

Air brakes

GKN axles

Fuel capacity 272 liters – 500km range.  


Length:                 9.50m

Width:                  2.90m

Height:                 3.40m (Cab top)

Weight:                32,960kg GVW - 17,960kg ULW

The vehicles are sold without racks.

Racks are available as follows:

1,500GBP for a standard rack.

2,950GBP for an ISO twist lock rack

  • Year 1994
  • Make Foden
  • Model 8x6 DROPS
  • Body Style Hook Loader
  • Condition X-Military Vehicles
  • Mileage 25609
  • Engine 350bhp